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Antique glass for sale from AmericanPatternGlass.com Welcome to the world of Early American Pattern Glass. Having specialized in this aspect of the antiques business for over 30 years, I’ve been around long enough to have made mistakes, learned from them, and gratefully absorbed information from collectors, other dealers, and acquired an enormous reference library in the process.

Pattern glass remains one of the best bargains in true antiques.

These pieces range from 100-150 + years old. These antiques are useable, decorative, and definitely get the conversation going. If you are into flowers, you can collect goblets or sauce dishes, or serving pieces with flower motifs such as Dahlia, Lily of the Valley, Forget-Me-Not, Clematis, Bleeding Heart – you get the idea.



They are sturdy, and made to be used – they were made by the working class, for the working class and middle class. There is no glass manufacturer today that matches the artistry of these craftsmen of the 19th Century.

Antique American political and historical glass for sale from AmericanPatternGlass.com

I have a few sub-specialties, meaning that I try to stock a selection of pieces for collectors who love: American Political and Historical Glass, Victorian Toy Glass Dishes, sometimes known as Childrens Glass, and glass pieces from World’s Fairs and Expositions, notably the Columbian Exposition and the Philadelphia 1876 Centennial.

I am a member of the Early American Pattern Glass Society and Treasures for Little Children. All of my pieces are guaranteed to be as represented. Items are shipped double boxed and insured. Welcome to my world.

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