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Reference Books on Early American Pattern Glass

If you are looking for one book, especially if you are a beginning collector, then the book you should buy or borrow is: Early American Pattern Glass – Collector’s Identification & Price Guide by Darryl Reilly & Bill Jenks. It is still in print, it is under $30.00 and illustrates hundreds of patterns with photographs, lists shapes made, and is a general price guide.

Please – do not be afraid to collect because you think there are so many reproductions. In fact. very few patterns have been reproduced. Reilly & Jenks have a highlighted section under each pattern name called "Reproductions and Look -a- Likes". Reilly, Jenks and Luna have also published "Identifying Pattern Glass Reproductions".

Below find suggestions for other books available. Many are out of print, some are really hard to find, thus they are expensive. I have omitted hundreds of other books that are relevant to the field of Early American Pattern Glass. But these are a great start to get you well on your way to collecting Early American Pattern Glass. My thanks to all of the authors both listed and unlisted who have contributed to our knowledge and understanding of the history of Early American Pattern Glass.

Books on Glass Companies

Albany Glass – Model Flint Glass Company of Albany, Indiana – Ron Teal Sr.
Bryce Higbee & J.B. Higbee Glass – Lola & Wayne Higby
Dugan/Diamond the Story of Indiana , Pennsylvania Glass – William Heacock, James Measell, Berry Wiggins
Early Duncan Glassware – Neila M. Bredehoft, George A. Fogg. Frances C. Maloney
Findlay Glass – James Measell, Don E. Smith
Greentown Glass – James Measell
A Guide to Sandwich Glass – Raymond C. Barlow, Joan E. Kaiser
Hobbs Brockunier & Company Glass – Neila & Tom Bredehoft
Iowa City Glass – Miriam Richter
New Martinsville Glass 1900-1944 – James Measell
Riverside Glass Works of Wellsburg West Vrginia. 1879-1907 – C. W. Gorham
Tarentum Pattern Glass – Robert Irwin Lucas
US Glass – The States Patterns – Darryl Reilly & Bill Jenks

Books on Historical and/or Political Glass

The American Story Recorded in Glass – Tracy H. Marsh
American Historical Glass – Bessie M. Lindsey
Columbian World’s Fair Collectibles Chicago 1892-93 – Howard M. Rosen & John M. Kaduck
Presidential and Campaign Memorabilia with Prices – Stan Gores
1876 Centennial Collectibles and Price Guide
– Stan Gores

Books on Milk Glass

Milk Glass – E. McCambly Belknap
The Milk Glass Book
– Frank Chiarenza & James Slater
Yesterday’s Milk Glass Today – Regis F. Ferson, Mary F. Ferson

Books on Novelties

Shoes of Glass – Libby Yalom
Victorian Glass Novelties – Jo and Bob Sanford

Books on Salts, Salt Shakers and Toothpicks

1000 Toothpick Holders – A Collector’s Guide – William Heacock
5000 Open Salts – A Collectors Guide – William Heacock & Patricia Johnson
Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Pattern Glass – Bk.1 Toothpick Holders A-Z - William Heacock
Salt and Salt Shakers – Arthur C. Peterson
Glass Toothpick Holders – Neila & Tom Bredehoft & Jo & Bob Sanford
Pressed Glass Salts of the Lacy Period 1825-1850 – L.W. and D.B. Neal
Rare and Unlisted Toothpick Holders – William Heacock
The World of Salt Shakers – Mildred & Ralph Lechner

Books on General History of Glassmaking

American Glass – George and Helen McKearin
American Pressed Glass and Figure Bottles – Albert Christian Revi
Pittsburgh Glass – 1797-1891 – Lowell Innes

Books for General Pattern Identification

American and Canadian Early Etched Goblets – John B. Mordock
American and Canadian Goblets – Vol. 1 and 2 – Doris and Peter Unitt
Bread Plates and Platters – Anna Maude Stuart
Collectors Encyclopedia of Pattern Glass – Mollie Helen McCain
Early American Pattern Glass - Alice Hulett Metz
Early American Pressed Glass – Ruth Webb Lee
Goblets – Vols. 1 and 2 – S. T. Millard
Much More Early American Pattern Glass – Alice Hulett Metz
Victorian Glass – Ruth Webb Lee
Wallace-Homestead Price Guide to Pattern Glass – 11th edition – Dori Miles & Robert Miller
200 Pattern Glass Pitchers – 8 volumes – Minnie Watson Kamm

Books on Victorian Children’s Glass

Children’s Dishes – Margaret and Kenn Whitmyer
Children’s Glass Dishes, China and Furniture – Vol. 1 – Doris Lechler
Collector’s Encyclopedia of Children’s Dishes – Margaret and Kenn Whitmyer
Pattern Glass Mugs – John B. Mordock & Walter L. Adams
Toy Glass -– Doris Lechler

Books on Lamps

Oil Lamps – The Kerosene Era in North America Vols. 1 & 2– Catherine M. V. Thuro

Books on Cup Plates

American Glass Cup Plates – Ruth Webb Lee & James H. Rose

































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